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Embrace IT

30th November, 2018 by Steve J

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Something odd seems to be happening on the world wide web. What once seemed to seek to become grander, more far reaching appears to be bouncing back.

I read an article recently about Nick Cave and his band The Bad Seeds. After the recent death of his son Arthur, he used the web to explore a more direct relationship with his audience by just talking to them in a much more personal way. Cave wanted to deepen further this engagement and so invited “questions or comments, observations or inspirations” from fans and he’d answer in a series of mail drops titled The Red Hand Files. Cave’s tour bookings increased for dates in Australia and New Zealand as a result. Was this a cynical move or just a chance outcome?

Either way you could argue that this is probably what Tim Berners-Lee wanted the web to facilitate at the outset. Forget all the spam, the hate, social media bullying, the anger and the shit. The open transfer of thoughts, ideas, concerns, inspiration, love and support is what it was meant to be. It will never be perfect, nothing ever is, but it is what we make it. We can sit on the sidelines and grumble. Or we can engage and do something about it.

My own local community, and countless more, use the web for positive things. WhatsApp chats connect people who like running, music, renovating old furniture, you name it – the list goes on and on. It is brilliant!

I am continually amazed by what we can all access now. The world is perhaps a smaller place but the boundaries are far wider. Embrace it. x

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