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© Andreas Sütterlin, 2016

Hello, Robot ...

3rd October 2017 by Katie

Whilst on holiday I was able to visit a thought provoking exhibition that is part of the Vienna Biennale. 'Hello, Robot' explores the impact of developing technology and how it’s shaping our existence, as well as provoking political and ethical discussions around the fast growing world of robotics and Artificial Intelligence.

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© Vincent Fournier, 2016

Society is divided between people who are intrigued and excited about these new machines, and people who are wary about where it’s all heading. There’s no doubt that many of the opportunities robotics present are incredible - such as robotic limbs for people who are in medical need and those efficiently carrying out repetitive tasks in sometimes hazardous environments. But there were examples in the exhibition of robotics being used to create better / more efficient bodies for people who didn't really need them, which certainly left me feeling uneasy.

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© Peter Kainz/MAK

I loved the old images of robots in their fictitious form ... K9, Sparky Robot, R2D2, etc. but as robots are becoming a reality, replacing some of our roles in the faster paced world we live in, I begin to wonder about the risk that humankind will almost be squeezed out and become less significant.

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© Jonas Voigt

As exciting and ground-breaking as technology appears, it all leads to an unknown world that has the potential to become either utopian or dystopian.

Robots have arrived in Manchester!
Not the same exhibition as the Vienna 'Hello Robot' but in a similar vein. Worth a visit!

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