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Japanese Design Exhibition

8th January, 2016 by Lizzie

A few weeks ago now, I was invited by a friend to the opening of the Modern Japanese Design exhibition at Manchester Art Gallery. I decided not to do any background reading into what it would entail, the invite itself was enough to peak my interest.

The exhibition is located in the newly refurbished 19th century former Athenaeum theatre space, and includes works from thirty two designers with over one hundred pieces on display, and its a real mix of work too! Everything from headwear, clothing, chairs, lamps and ceramics.

As I walked around, taking it all in, I did feel a sense of calm, which is to be expected given the influence on the aesthetic of Japanese design. Each section explains how certain aspects of everyday life influence the design of each item, such as nature, natural forces, shadows, line & pattern (a particular favourite of mine) and materials.

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Maiko Takeda

Takahiro Yede

It’s fantastic how we as designers can be influenced by the small things, such as light, colour, even subversive materials, and then turn them into something beautiful and unique.

I would highly recommend visiting this exhibition if you can, but be quick as it finishes on the 15th of January!

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