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Newport Street Gallery

11th February, 2016 by Geoff

While our home base is in the jewel of the north - Manchester, Spoken Image has a huge client base in London and the south of England. On one of my recent weekly trips, I made time to visit the new gallery funded by Damien Hirst.
Now whatever you feel about the work of Damien Hirst, he has excelled himself in the founding of the Newport St Gallery. Designed by the London Architects Caruso St John, the gallery has been created to exhibit works from his own personal collection and thankfully, is open to the public for us all to see.

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A no nonsense gallery that has a lot of style; the spaces that have been created within three former theatre scenery and carpentry warehouses. All floors are linked by beautifully formed and constructed staircases that are worth viewing in their own right, while the galleries are designed to suit large scale artworks that are given space to breath and viewed without interference.

Set within walking distance of Big Ben; cross over Lambeth Bridge or Westminster Bridge for a delightful walk alongside the Thames pedestrian route adjacent to St.Thomas’s Hospital, you end up in an area of London that seems devoid of people and traffic.

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The current exhibition is well worth a view. John Hoyland’s large scale paintings that link colour and form in a really exciting way that are mesmerising. Hoyland it seems was one of Hirst’s original influences when he was a student in Leeds and he has since become one of his biggest collectors. This exhibition is on till 3rd April.

I doff my hat to Damien Hirst; he’s created an environment to show great works and is sharing them with us all to visit for free! Thank you for this great gallery.

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