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Source Park ...

13th January, 2017 by Geoff

In February 2016 in what would seem to an outsider to be a very unlikely place, Hastings in East Sussex, the most exciting skateboard and BMX park ‘SourcePark’ opened its doors.
The venue offers probably the UK’s best venue to test and develop skateboard and BMX skills all to the loud sounds of Bruce Springsteen and Jimi Hendrix amongst others.

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Located under the Prom, on land reclaimed from the sea, SourcePark was the original public baths opened in 1878 for the Victorians, which ultimately fell into dereliction in the 1920’s. It reopened after reconstruction in an art deco style of the age in 1931, glimpses of which can still be seen today.
Closing its doors for good in 1997, it lay locked and forgotten for the next 20 years until along came local BMX enthusiasts Richard and Marc Moore, who had successfully developed ‘SourceBMX’ into the UK’s largest BMX online shop. They came with a vision, and after two years of hard work seeking acceptance and funding from the local authority and other organisations, SourcePark was born, creating the most phenomenal outlet for youth to extend themselves in a safe environment.

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The environment itself is basic, but perfect! ...Money has been spent where needed in the main 'park’ . Located in the original swimming pool area, it is beautiful. Elegantly designed and formed out of heat moulded plywood that adds a modern twist to a deco environment.
Worth the visit.

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